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Areas of Focus


Drinking water

Natural disasters, aging city systems, plants and communities dealing with biological and chemical contamination, listen up.  The need for fresh drinking water remains an unavoidable and not deferrable staple.  Titan Source 1 can solve your problems.  No more out-dated technology.  No more "it's too expensive."  No more expensive maintenance.  Let us take care of your needs when and where you want.

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renewable energy

Renewable energy is a smart thing.  Renewable energy that is intelligent, portable, flexible, and durable is better.  Our solar arrays are the first lightweight dual axis tracking systems on the market. This means fewer panels.  These systems are quick to assemble and take down.  They can remain in place for weeks or years.  Simple to maintain parts and forward compatibility make this possible.  Our solar generators are formed from building blocks.  This means customization is simple to accomodate your growing and changing needs.  High quality components means performance over years of neglect and abuse.  Call us and get to work.

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FIre safety

You have a small fire extinguisher...check.
You have smoke detectors and a monitored house alarm...check.
You live 5 minutes from the fire department...check.
What if your home refused to burn down?  Titan's paint additives can do that.  Halt fires simply by mixing our additives into your paints, applying them throughough your home's frame and insulation.
Your house and your office are probably the biggest investments you have.  Why not stop fires before they damage your home?

industrial water

Whether your use is for cleaning, manufacturing, mining, drilling, process, product development, material transfer, chemistry, or pharmaceutical, electronics, or any other application water is important to your company's progress.  Instead of buying water and throwing it away, talk to us.  We would be happy to show you how your company can recycle even the most difficult water.  Why?  Saving your money and our environment at the same time is great. (Read more)

Management and Safety Consulting

Whether you need project management, engineering services, environmental engineering services, for environmental clean-up and waste management at DOE and NRC facilities.  Titan Source 1's partner company Lancaster Services personnel have a broad base of industrial experience with a strong background in nuclear applications.  We have personnel with outstanding track records and  commitments to exceeding our client’s expectations, reducing costs, time, all while maintaining high quality services.

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waste reduction

Suppose you are a group that handles waste.  Maybe you are a landfill company.  Maybe you are a city needing to improve how the garbage is handled.  Maybe your company shreds paper, lumber, or tires and does not know what to do with the waste.  Titan waste to energy group would be happy to talk to you about our converters that can turn daily city garbage into recyclable raw materials and usable fuel.  The impact means fewer EPA issues, reduced landfill sizes, and fuel for whatever you wish to power.

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Communities, industries, waste management, landfills, suburbs, cities, runoff, and ships, if you live or work on one of these you are a qualified wastewater producer.  And you are paying for the municpality to cope with your effulent.  Perhaps your gruop is even getting billed for excessive toxins in the water.  You know there is a way to reduce you bill and help the environment.  You know your group can stop chemicals from reaching the water table.  Join the groups saving their budget and homes.  Come to Titan Source 1; we put "you" back into "utility." 

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Soil remediation

Titan represents a line of large-scale and small-scale oil spill clean up remediation products.  The HydroClean Pro line works on soil, water, and concrete surfaces.  Our Daystar team has handled everything from crude, sludge, and fuel oils to creosotes and a variety of other hydrocarbon spills.  With a 14 year track record, our Daystar remediation team has the knowledge and ability to tackle and clear difficult spills in around 72 hours or less.  Step up to the fastest clean-up team and forget digging, hauling, and expensive fines.

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Emergency resources

Disasters show up around the world in all shapes and sizes, hurricanes, to floods to earthquakes and even failing infrastructure.  Often utilities are impacted.  Contaminated water mains or not enough water at emergency centers on time can hurt your community's emergency preparedness.  Titan has a plan.  Our mobile and fixed water generators can be placed near evacuation shelters before or after a disaster.  We can convert lake, river, ocean, and waste water into enough drinking water for a shelter, community, or city.  Our systems are self-contained and do not need external power.  Ask us how we can provide your community, city, or favorite emergency service with ready water resources.  What's the best part?  These systems cost very little in contrast to shipping water; Titan's technicians operate and maintain the systems; and Titan upgrades are always free.

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