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Never Dig, Scrub, or haul again...ever with oscm

When a product is named OSCM (say “awesome”) it must get the job done. This simple, easy to use, on-site remediation approach allows YOU to take advantage of our process whenever needed.  This inert liquid matrix converts any (oil) hydrocarbon on-contact into a non-hazardous sand. Catalysts in OSCM quietly react with oils and reduce them to an inert vitrified mass.  Typically Titan Source 1 products take 24 to 72 hours to act on contaminated soil while converting it back to its original color while dropping the total petroleum hydrocarbons well below Federal EPA requirements.  This saves money, time, and the environment. It is as we say, “awesome!”

  1. EPA regulatory compliance (No more costly fines).

  2. Significant downtime reduction (Days not weeks).

  3. Substantial cost savings over other methods (Less labor, less time).

  4. Eco-friendly and environmentally safe. (Green, we love green)

Titan's environmental team has worked for most major oil & gas companies, even as far as Africa as well as a dozen other industries where oil, in any form, is used or utilized. These companies after 14 years of service continue to make us their first call for remediation.


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