Titan Source 1
Safe water and Power are Just the Start


Passion for Protection


Rupal Amin and Steve Lancaster met while working together for a group of small DoE contracting firms in Southern Louisiana.  The pair decided to combine their capabilities and develop an innovations group focused on developing technology to solve problems that pose problems.  Rupal brings an insight in technology and science from years of working on large projects.  Steve brings experience working in nuclear engineering with various power companies, with Federal contracting, and running two separate and successful businesses.  Their method of approaching water resources and purification is like no other seen in the industry.

Titan's partner groups are also experts in their fields.  Everything from power generators fit for the US military, to a waste to energy group able to convert raw garbage into fuels similar to diesel to our premier soil remediation team with 14 years of oil field clean up experience and chemicals like no other.

We invite you to join our group and let us tend to your community as if it were our own.