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Titan Source 1 is headquartered in Prairieville, Louisiana with offices in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Knoxville, Tennessee near the Oak Ridge National Laboratories.  Titan Source 1, LLC develops technology necessary for modern life.  Our firm specializes in water and renewable power generation, from small commercial systems to municipal replacements.  Whether you’re looking for fresh water purification, wastewater treatment, industrial water recycling, or turn-key power generators, we will not only design to your goal, but we’ll also help your group thrive in the world of competition.  We bring extensive innovation and professionalism to every case and customize our services to your individual needs and concerns.

Our group has over 30 years of combined experience and have developed technologies in short time frames that did not exist in the previous decade.  While other companies may be on the pulse of technology; we reside on the bleeding edge where technological superiority comes through detailed understanding of your unique problem.  All this gives you exceptional advice and solutions that will last for decades.

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Louisiana Business and Technology Center  Louisiana State University
8000 Innovation Park Drive
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Realms of Innovation

Emergency Water

Nature strikes and your community loses power and water.  Both are priorities and are needed now.  Let us help.  Our emergency water systems can be deployed before hurricanes make landfall or rapidly following a natural disaster.  These turn-key systems are mobile and can convert nearly any surface water into thousands of gallons of drinking grade water in short time.  And because they are able to function alone, they can provide ample electricity for whatever you need.

International Water

Disasters come in all forms, man-made problems, droughts, floods, storms, earthquakes, and fires.  When they hit the people need water and power.  Titan's mobile water generators can be dropped in place near ponds, lakes, streams, rivers, oceans, or sewerage, power themselves, and provide drinking water for a community.
Following a disaster, these systems can be retained in the region ready for the next time.  Stop settling for bottle water.  See how locally generated, bulk clean water can change morale, standards, and attitudes.

Municipal Water And waste water

The water and sewage plant in your city was state-of the-art decades ago.  Unfortunately, your city never was able to upgrade the plants.  Sound familiar?  Titan has scalable solutions that can reduce annual cost, energy, and land used.  Talk to us.  We will help.

Portable Power

Whether you want to reduce costs, deliver power anywhere, or provide backup power to your facility, Titan is there.  Our lightweight solar power generators are unique.  They take no-time to install.  They last for a decade and are turn-key.  Originally designed for the military, we bring our innovations to you.  See what the new standard looks like with our minimal maintenance systems.

Industrial Water

Companies use water for processing, drilling, machining, cleaning, product production, cooling, and a range of other reasons.  Recycling the waste water into usable facility water can reduce your environmental footprint, improve corporate reputation, AND reduce cost.   What’s better than saving money and the environment at the same time?

scalable power

As your need for power grows, Titan stands ready.  You may not know how much power you will need 5 years from now.  That's okay.  Titan systems and all our represented product lines are fully backwards compatible and readily scale up or down.  Talk to us and let power flow.


We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke


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